Sharing with pre-schoolers


Our men’s shed provides mentoring to both pre-schools and high schools sharing our knowledge and skills with the children.

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One of our 'Buddy Benches' installed at a local Primary School.


A popular product built by our men’s shed is the ‘Buddy Bench’.

These benches facilitate the making of new friends for students who are new or just need a mate. We have built many of these over the past two years and donated them to local Primary Schools.

We also have other styles of these benches which is of a more general purpose nature.

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Play Kitchens

Play Kitchens

Another product produced by our shed is ‘Play Kitchens’ which are very popular with pre-schools.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a facility that empowers all men of all ages to socialise together and do things in a practical way that by participation will encourage a development of a good self-esteem for each other and be a support to our local community projects in a good and positive way.